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Hi everyone! This labour of love has been mostly ignored over the past few years, but I do take the time every once in a while to update the listings. We just added Sonshine Acres Chicken Meats and Bloomers Family Farm to the map. We also moved G ‘n G Fresh Market’s Komoka location down the road, as they have moved this year.

We know the design and layout is a bit dated. We haven’t come across a better map-based WordPress theme in quite some time. If you see one, let us know! Overall, the website works well as intended – to showcase the many local offerings Middlesex County has to offers its residents and the surrounding area, whether you’re looking for the freshest meats, vegetables, fruits, or produced goods like jam and maple syrup.

If you ever spot a discrepancy, please feel free to let us know in a comment. We know a few places have gone out of business, but this is all done entirely on a volunteer basis.


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